Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Fourth Birthday Nathan!

Hey, Nathan Buddy?
Yes, you ... you little raptor Carrot Top Silly Face!

Thanks for being my story-time snuggle bunny.
I really enjoyed it when I saw you earlier this month.
I'm so glad that you seem to like books as much as your toys, 
and that you are equally at home with Disney fairy tales as with Star Wars.
I'm also glad Mama takes you to the library 
and shows you that it's important to return the books on time in the book drop.

I must say, though, you play a ruthless game of FISH. 
Even Papa was having a hard time reeling you in.
Thanks for my drawing. I will save it and put it on my fridge with pride.
Thanks so much for letting me play with you and pet the puppies and
play hide and seek, and hide and shriek, and run around with you.

Hang in there, my funny little guy.
One of these days, when you declare:
Your sisters may listen. Just give them time.
Give big sis some time too.
She'll grow up and out of it, eventually.

In the meantime, 
Have a VERY Happy Fourth Birthday!
Have a treat!
 Have a ball!
I love you ... to infinity and beyond. 
To the moon and back. 
To the far corners of the earth.
To whereever your pirate ship and imagination may take you.

Much love,
Auntie Nettie

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