Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday DREW!

 Hey Drew!

Can I interrupt you for a minute?
 Seriously. Can you look up from your present for a minute?
 Oh, excuse me. Do you have your mouth full now?
I can wait.

Oh, now it's time for breakfast?
You are nine today. Why was Grandmary cutting up your waffles?


I want to wish you a
 Just sit there in the crazy moving movie lounge chair and enjoy it.

I JUST wanted to say what fun it was exploring the stuffed animal Wildlife Museum with you.

I could "bear"ly stand how cute you were!
 Thanks for playing around with me that whole day - 
from the museum, lunch, birthday book shopping, and then Frozen
 You are two-thumbs-up cool!

 You are growing up too fast on me. 
I mean look at this.
I can only hope that your little sister grows up to adore you and understand your protectiveness
 and that your little brother can appreciate how much you love him, 
waited for him, and want to play with him.
I know you don't see all your Idaho cousins a lot in person, but I know they like to visit via the computer.
Soon you'll be able to talk to them without all us grownups hogging the screens.
 (I mean, I know I love it when you call me on the phone.
Stop it, mister!)
I know it's hard to have the littles around sometimes.

But know this; We all love you - for being YOU. 
Even if we are making silly faces with you first. 
You can always, always, ALWAYS, be assured of a big bear hug and a snuggle.
 No matter what. No matter if you are now 9 ... or even if you are 18, 27, or even 90!

Happy Birthday, my Drewbie, Drewbug, Mr. Drew The Dude!

Much love,
Auntie Nettie

Taken via iTouch and Nikon camera
winter visit, December 2013

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