Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Friends Don't Let Friends ...

Work is ... a bit ...
We'll go with busy these days.
And the weather is a bit ridiculous,

So, a nor'easter found me hunkering down with Christine for a series of sleepovers.
Along with grown-up tomato soup and grilled cheese, (lobster bisque and serious grilled fromage),
Which turned into a late-ish night purging collections of Christmas decorations, a tree-trimming, and repeat of our Christmas Tree skirt wearing from last year.

Things have been a bit silly from time to time this year, and luckily for me, Christine's been willing to go for it.
From being the Celery Queen 2014, harvesting the last of the Office Garden,
To creating new office Turkey Week traditions,
Thanks for the laughter and the funny e-mails and graphics, sweetie. 

~photos by iTouch, except for 1st graphic

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