Monday, March 10, 2014

Simon and Sting Sing: Sweet Scenes

When in Hershey, PA, at the Hotel Hershey, you fill up on protein for the hours of probable dancing ahead.
Perhaps with a Reese's Peanut Butter Pie slice - split three ways.
Simon and Sting

The evening at the Giant Center could be a blur of excitement, dancing, shrieking, whistling,
stamping along in rhythm, and "singing" along.
Feeling Groovy
Document for posterity as able,
but don't forget to 
Experience the now as it happens.

Look away from the screen.

Direct your attention to the larger screens
when body blocked by other concertgoers.

Lights. Cameras. Action
Power duo
Dancing Girl Grins
pero ... Ellas dancen solos

Remember this post?

Rock legends in their own right. 
A musical journey around the world in about three hours.

Musical Allies and Brothers in Song

I took turns shooting on the iTouch and the Nikon. 
It took the whole show to figure out which Nikon presets to best use to get these two:

 And then ... there was backstage.
Which I didn't shoot.



Let's call it my: Gaiman Give Back Philosophy

These artists have given us so much already - often for many years,
often, with literal blood, sweat, and tears,
not even including the epically wonderful 3 hour show we just attended;
and usually they are in transit, tired, 
and must be weary of the same old song and tune off the stage.

Let me "give back" some of your time, 
by demanding no more 
than what you have already given.
I am already so grateful for you and your art.

This "give back" is my gift to you.

But thank you, Paul Simon,
for being so gracious to me and my friends,
for the words, the photo op, the autographs for those who requested,
most importantly,
at least to me,
and for reaching out to one
who would have been happy just to 
give back 
to you.

It really meant a lot.

An even bigger fan than before. 

March 9, 2014 Setlist:

(Sting cover)

(Sting cover)

(The Police cover)

(The Police cover)

(Sting cover)

(The Police cover)

(The Police cover)


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