Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Sixth Birthday My Wonder-ful Elle!

Someone WONDERFUL is having a sixth Birthday today! 
She's just so wonderful! I'm not saying she's Wonder Woman, I'm just saying that no one has seen Wonder Woman and Elle in the same place at the same time. Blonde, dimples, and glasses - now that is a convincing disguise!
I think she deserves her own cape of birthday fantastic-ness - to show how wonderful she is. (En route!)

I had such a great time hanging out with her in December/January and February and can't wait to show you all her wonderfulness.

Where to start? Oh yes. Her fancy recent haircut - as shown in the photo above and these below, courtesy of her folks.
I thought she just got a haircut. I learned in last night's Skype call (from her sister!) that it was made for Locks for Love. I mean - COME ON. That is a total super-hero Wonder Woman move.

What else? She is a great helper. Helping Nathan with his library books here (again, courtesy of her folks), and
instructing a young Padawan in the way of the Star Wars Universe at the library. Proud of this one, I am.
(That one's Chewbacca! And These? These are the Droids we are looking for.)

Not only that, watch out. She's a future fighter. She may have some Sith Lord in her - when it comes to defending her home and family. This Darth Elle greeted me upon my arrival over the holidays. Good reminder. Don't make Darth Elle angry! She wields a mean sword.
Geek girl has to keep up on her universes. Here she is checking out the men of Marvel. I think she's GOT to be a Loki fan, especially in those colors. (Brains, not brawn, my niece. Let me just impart that wisdom. Loki will make you laugh ... Especially when he gets that glint in his eye. And dances. LO. The dancing. Sigh. Right. Where was I? ELLE... RIGHT!)
Gamer girl has some skillz on the console, but still likes to hang with her dollz - wonder and feline. She may end up as a wonderfully wonderful vet one day. Or Not. But that is fine. She will be wonderful at anything.
 She's still wonderfully silly, especially when Auntie Nettie's around, (or maybe especially when I am around?),
so she can practice taking selfies, or just goofing off. (As a sign of my love, I actually let her take them of me.)

No, I love YOU Elle!

I love her many faces. You just have to carefully watch her, and watch for those moments. You can see things happening behind her eyes, things being considered, not said, or said, an accounting compiled, and the years passing in seconds.
Unimpressed Elle is unimpressed.
 Who is this giant of a niece?
 Wasn't she just Daddy's little girl?
 Now she's trying out new fashions trends.
Suddenly Grandpa is taking pictures of her dressed up like she is heading out for a dance.
Uncle Jed realizes that he may not have to kneel down much longer to be in photos with her,
and she and Big Sister see eye-to-eye - with the wondering of their momma about how much longer before Elle is actually the taller of the two (not much).
 What a wonderful big sister, little sister, niece, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, and friend Ms. Elle is!
My darling girl ... may you have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Sixth Birthday!

I love you in this universe, and all the fictional and undiscovered ones that there may be!

Auntie Nettie
Aka Darth Nettie

P.S. Don't get hooked on Diet Coke. Trust me.

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