Monday, September 9, 2013

Dreaming Out Loud - Sabbatical

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As you have seen, last month's cruise was a delightful sampling of vacation travel. It just whet my appetite for Canada, the Maritimes, sea sailing, travel, and being away from the City, the stresses, and all kinds of things.

I'm saving my pennies for a future trip. (Not my Canadian pennies, however.)

Ah ... some of my vivid dreams are to go back, go on other journeys, sail on a tall ship or yacht - but I'll cover that in another months.

Dreams, you see, can shift, and drift, and sail, and wisp away on currents ...

I came back and have been in the midst of all kinds of sea changes at the office. I find myself in familiar turbulent waters. To move the metaphor back to a land setting, I find myself approaching a crossroads.

I see the intersection coming up on the horizon.

The decisions are, go straight on full steam ahead, turn left ... or turn right -- both into the unknown.

Right now, I can't see the forest for the trees. I'm in the weeds.
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To be totally pragmatic, my dream this month is about all about money.
Benjamins. Currency. Funding. Cash. Grants. Dollars -- and "Sense"
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Money: So I can take a "sabbatical" to find out what I really want to do with the other half of my life.

If I wasn't worried about paying off my debt(s), paying my bills, and/or paying my rent, would I escape from current scenario and try new things, explore new locations, spend time with family, take my time and get re-educated/re-trained, and really plan what to do, instead of just lucking into career opportunities?


Hell yes. 

In a gold-plated heartbeat.
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Life is too short to be this stressed-out and stuck behind a computer in a cubicle in an airless building.

But the reality is, this is just a VERY expensive dream. I don't have the kinds of fairy godmothers who have this kind of  discretionary giving. The ability to just to wave a not-insignificant money at a random person to wipe the slate, waive the monthly bills, build a nest egg, and fund a series of journeys down a new set a paths.

Maybe this isn't a really a sabbatical I'm dreaming about?
Time to keep stashing my coins in the wish jars.

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