Monday, November 12, 2012

Retroblogging: Chicago Trip 2012, Roaming Reunion

After talking late into the evening, it was up and about the streets of Chicago, exploring the Loop, the shops, seeing the "El" in action, heading over the Millennium Park to see the Bean.

Wandering around in the daytime revealed more public art, and made this cynical New Yorker really appreciated how grimy her City is, and enjoy the large streets and clearly marked signage of Chicago. Now, I know it took a horrific fire for some urban renewal and planning to make this particular part of the City so ... spacious, but ... if it wasn't for the usual cold and wind ... it was almost tempting to thing about moving West. ALMOST. There is flip side that this part of Chicago, despite being the "theater district," it seemed oddly empty and too quiet -- after 7 p.m.!

But, back to the art ... aside from a giant Picasso, there's a giant Calder ...

Info from this website:

The Flamingo..
Sculptor: Alexander Calder
53' high X 29' wide X 60' length..
Location: Chicago Federal Plaza
Installed: 1974..
This sculpture titled "Flamingo" is made by Alexander Calder, one of the most eminent sculptors of the 20th century American art... It's brilliant color and graceful curves are a great contrast to the three black and blocky buildings surrounding it ... All the three Federal buildings are designed by Mies Van Der Rohe ... "The sculpture was received in a public ceremony never before nor since equaled in scale nor in fanfare".

Then there was this installation, which sadly, I cannot find any information about this many months later. It was right near the Institute, and I don't know it was a temporary or permanent exhibit, but it was lovely ... and I don't always "get" modern sculpture -- i.e. the Picasso and "Flamingo."

Let that be a lesson to me. Blog faster, but also remember to snap a picture of any/all identifying plaques.

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