Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hurricanes, Happenings, and Halloween 2012

Obviously I have been a little behind, if I'm blogging about Halloween after Thanksgiving - but between one thing, a hurricane, and another ...

Anyway, thanks to all my friends and family for letting me use these photos of them and/or their "adorable" offspring.

Jed and Kelli decided to take advantage of the impending arrival of Phineas and Ferbina to go as: the bearded lady, "her" beer gut husband, and the galaxy's cutest young Jedi.
Up in Idaho, there are so many adorable Princesses and Pirates: an Amber-haired Merida, Cinder"Elle"a, and and adorably scary Cap'n not-so-tightpants, Nathan.
If I had known Nathan was going as a pirate, I would have tried to find him one of these for his Halloween booty. Apparently their folks didn't dress up, but I figure they are superheroes everyday, so they needed a night off.

Kari's Krew were: A Ninja, the Tooth Fairy -- and her booty -- a Gnarly Tooth
You go girls!

The Maine Montley Maulers were: A Cat, A Cow, A Hippie, and then a Cade Bane.
I'm a little scared of the Bane, so I'm going to focus on the Happy Cow who is on vacation from California.

As for me, I wore one of my Cyclops hats, a t-shirt said "This is my Librarian Costume" and handed out an assortment of candy, including Nerds.

Usually for Halloween I dress up as the Grumpy Lady who Avoids Opening the door, but I was marooned at home because of the Hurricane. Unfortunately not one told the general population of our town that the Mayor had put a curfew into effect ... until we saw this on the door of one of our neighbors.

I can't believe she didn't get egged.

I can't believe I ate so much candy. 

Maybe that's why I decided to skip the Turkey for Thanksgiving.

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