Thursday, September 10, 2015

Photos of the Day: Out on a Limb

The last time I was in the City, back in June, my friends and I were strolling down the streets of the Upper West Side - with their very nice brownstones. I love wandering the side streets, looking at how "the other half" lives.

I can't remember WHERE we were, but I had to play tourist when I came to this dwelling. First I spotted this stoop staircase artfully entangled in the roots of a climbing vine:

THEN I looked up and spotted Ragged Annie up out on a limb.

Further study of this scene on my computer revealed that Annie wasn't alone, but hostessing an entire party.

Can you spy everyone who got an invitation?

This charmed me more than I can say.

~ photos by iTouch.
Taken June 22, 2015

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