Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to School 2015: Family Edition

I am in denial that it is fall. It is 90 degrees outside. I was so in the thick of things from the spring and summer that I didn't really register those two seasons, not to mention those important life-milestones.

Like Nathan's May graduation from pre-school.  Whoops!

Congratulations Nathan Buddy!
(Unimpressed girl is unimpressed.)

But now that the school calendar has flipped, the big kids in Idaho are off to school.

Quoth Christina on September 1st:
Off to school for these three! Amber is going into 4th grade, Elle 2nd, and Nathan Kindergarten. 
Wow, my kids are growing up.

Sadly, on September 4th, the bane of parental planning struck. School germs. (sad trombones)

Quoth Christina: Well that didn't take long! School germs are the worst. After 3 days at school Nathan is home today sick.

Momma is also learning what its like with not so many helpers around. Grumpa reported that Christina said she was not sure what she was going to do without Elle around to help, now that school was starting.

Meanwhile, down in Nevada, Drew started 5th grade in mid-August.

(The kids in New York barely started this week, and some don't start until next.)

 With thanks to Grumpa for grabbing these off the sib's social media, so I can collect them and share all at once.

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