Thursday, March 5, 2015

4 Out of 5 March Days = Snow

This March Madness is a "hare" crazy. This latest storm is pretty, at least, but out of the last 5 days? It's snowed, sleeted, and/or rained 4 of them. On top of what we already have on the ground or in piles? It's making everyone a bit ... GRRRRR.

Caramoor is a winter wonderland, and I'm sure the back woods are gorgeous. It's unfortunately over waist-high in some spots though, and I don't have enough winter-gear to break paths just to go exploring.

 Fifty shades of grey on the north commute

 Even the Caramoor gargoyles are saying:
This storm did add a pretty outline to everything though -- and future rust.
 You have to look for the pops of color:
  Yo Mother Nature? Saints perserve us! Don't ice us out!
 The poor gardens are just completely buried.
All of our stucco is buckling and concrete finials are really suffering. This one looks okay, but other are starting to erode. (As is our patience....)

At least this mural is holding up - and reminds us of what spring/summer is like.
   But ENOUGH already. I want to walk away.

 ~photos by iTouch

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