Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Retroblogging: Sweets for Summer Survival

After a busy week preparing for the opening of the Festival, with lots of late nights, and then a fancy dress-up party, it's fun to come home and open sweet notes from nieces. Strip off your bling, put on your robe, slather on girly-pampering gels and masques, and enjoy hearts, flowers, and rainbows and a book report from Ms. Amber.

Dear Aunt [Nettie], I would like to let you know that I like Nacy (sic) Drew, Black Beauty, and Black Staleon (sic). I would like to thank you for sending them to us. I hope to see you soon. Love, Amber

I send along some of my favorite books from childhood for her birthday and Christmas presents, and she was slowly working her way through them.

I miss you too Amber, but won't be able to visit until next year. See you on the computer soon.

photos c. February 2014

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