Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pardon the Blog Hiatus

The next day?
I'm exhausted from the last 2.5 months.

I knew the summer would be long and hard. It was definitely something I KNEW would happen.

But man...

I don't have the stamina I did when I was in my early 20s.

This summer was LONG ... and EXHAUSTING.

I don't want to make any promises, but ...

but ...

I think ...

I'm beginning to emerge from the "Festival Fugue" that sucked me down, in, and under ... when, from early June to August, you are working so many hours/days in a row, that you can barely remember to eat, go to the bathroom, and pay bills on time, forget blogging.

There were many days -- in a row -- when I didn't know what day of the week it was ... It was just the "Saturday schedule." There were four or five "Saturdays" in a row, due to weirdnesses with weather, generators, holidays, and weekend.

There were late Festival weeks when I was just on autopilot: [get up, shower, get dressed (in a dress), find the rental car, go to work, work, rinse, repeat], that I forgot that I had scheduled myself NOT to be there. I was so worried about all the other people on the schedule, I TOTALLY BLANKED ON MY OWN DAYS OFF!

I mean...


Others are on vacation now. I'm back on a train-commuters' schedule. I'm reading more. I'm sleeping/napping. It's quieter. I'm catching up. ... I think .... I'm slowly emerging from "the Fugue."

Maybe I will find more time now, to blog, and to retroblog -- once this introvert has finally regrouped from having to act like an extrovert for more weeks than her reserves could handle. (Adding to the Fugue-state/zombie-hood.).

I still need about 2 more weeks BY MYSELF to finally feel like myself. Since THAT won't happen, it's self-imposed exile when and where I can.

And, I need to retroblog.

A lot of family stuff happened this summer.
A lot.
Some pictures were taken this summer.
Cute mail came in this summer.
More plans were made for next  summer.
I have more Wishes and Dreams that I need to articulate, as some from last year are actually coming true.

But for now...


I'm sunny, but I'm still drooping.
Kinda like this

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