Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Cache Valley, Logan, Utah ~ Sunday, 12/29/13, 9:30 am ~ 0 degrees

Just a bit of Valley fog and Hoarfrost

I was wearing tights, a dress, slip-on shoes, and a light fleece with no gloves-not realizing how cold it was! Totally not dressed correctly and in a hurry to go and pick up a great aunt for Church. 

I haven't been in the Valley in winter since 1980. I forgot how cold it can be. It was also eerily beautiful, like a scene out of the new movie Frozen.

What I wished I had captured on "film" was the herd of horses in the next pasture. Out of the mists, I heard the thunder of hooves and turned to see first a black colt followed by pinto, bay, dun, and dappled mares and geldings slipping through the icy fog and twinkling trees in their meadowy enclosure. What a magical moment out of time.


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