Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Photos of the Day: Crafty Ladies

 Left: Mine for her 
Right: Hers

Just a couple of quick photos to document some of the crafty touches now decorating Christine's "crib."

Left: two of the crocheted, appliqued stocking I made for her beloved (and now sadly, late) pooches.
Right: two of the lovely wreathes she made with just a few of the corks that she's picked up in her travels. Let me stress here, for the record, she did NOT drink all that wine by herself. It would have been a whole different type of gathering if she did.

I like having crafty friends. Now, if I could only find time for us to do more arty things. Christine is also quite a fine fine artist. Get those pencils out again, girl!

photos via iTouch

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