Monday, July 27, 2015

Updates: Kute Kids 'Kaus - DrewDawg

With thanks to Grumpa for grabbing these off the sib's social media, so I can collect them and share all at once:

Drew is old enough to have his own text, FaceTiming, and phone conversations with me - for better or worse for his parent's cellphone/wifi plans.

Since one notable message was:

You there dawg...

Um, try instructing a 10 year old that no woman wants to be called a DAWG ...
He's 10.
He's now more DrewDawg than Drewbie. Sadly. Though this auntie will ALWAYS call him Drewbie. My great-aunts still call me .... [REDACTED].

His parents, grandparents, and I have found random photos and selfies of Mr. DrewDawg -- which we now share with you.

May 2015

Quoth Kelli: Just curious.....does anyone else find that pics like these mysteriously appear on their phone?

June 2015 

Family Trip to Thanksgiving Point, but someone is missing

  Full Family, c. 2015
If this seems familiar. It is.
Caption: My parents are weird.  c. 2009

Quoth his father:  Drew out for morning range practice. Getting better every day.

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