Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Magnolia Snowfall

I was heading up the stairs at the office, when this vision came into my view. 

No grey!
Not monochromatic!

I think ... can it be ... Spring?
Look at this lovely bed of pretty pretty petals!

Screw the allergies! I stuck my nose deep into these and inhaled, deeply.*
I wish this was smell-o-vision!
I can't even describe it.
Nostalgia for North Carolina is one of those feelings that is triggered by magnolias.

Pretty as a picture -- wait, it is!

I should have set up a blanket and just laid back and spent the rest of the week watching the petals rain down on me.

Magnolia bloom season is so fleeting. Laying in this "snow-fall" and piles of "flakes" would have totally been worth the time-out.

* achoooo!
My eyes!
They burn!

Dang green tree haze!
~photos by iTouch

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