Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update: Kute Kids 'Kaus ... Of Course: Families

With thanks to Grumpa for grabbing these off social media, so I can collect them and share all at once:

The Twins:

Kelli says: "DQ* for supper, What was I thinking!"
 *Dairy Queen

I share a lot about Grumpa and Grandmary, but the twins had a special trip in mid-March to see their relatives on the other side of the family tree --their maternal grandpa and great-grandma.

Here's the story in Kelli's own words:

I took the kids to visit my Dad ... The emotions of the day are just now coming to the surface. For those of you who don't know, my dad has Parkinson's disease. He is now in a nursing home as he can no longer be home alone. It was so sweet to see my little boy jump right in his lap and snuggle and give kisses to Papa. My kids have never known him any other way, so they just love him exactly as he is. I was tired, frustrated and just plain worn out from the trip with two grumpy toddlers and Drew, then I took the time to look at the pictures I had taken. Worth every minute to see these!
 Great Grandma Mangum and Sarah

The Idaho Krew:

Christina had this to say: "Exploring today for our Sunday walk. We saw geese, all different kinds of fish, and a turtle."

 Thank goodness for social media and digital photos. It's amazing to see them all growing up before our eyes.

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