Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014!

Possibly the only one looking good here was Dad - despite Jed's smirk. 
Ah, the 1980s. What can I say?

Except ...



Happy Father's Day!

Yes, you! Stop goofing off and let me take the picture.*

Grampa Max, Grumpa, or *squeeeal and point*
 Grumpa Max with Jed's boys ... Drew and Cannon
 Grumpa, Jed, and Cannon

There, apparently, is a love of plaid that transcends generations ...

 Up at J's: all the boys, in descending order: Grumpa, Jed, J, and Nathan
and ghosts of generations past and future.**

 The use of elbows to defend food also transcends the generations through the male line***.

Grumpa and Nathan

 Hope you got some peace and quiet today so you could get lost in a good book.

*But you wonder where WE got it from?
I mean, HELLO!?

** Can you see them? There were a LOT of relatives ghosting about in the house that day. Possibly even Malcolm.

Who is Malcolm? "Malcolm" is the name I have assigned to my potentially new nephew. It might be a girl, you say? But if there's a Nathan, there has to be a Malcolm - so Nathan Fillion/Malcolm Reynolds can have full honor in the family. If it's a girl, and J & Christina are working off the A,E, I, O, U naming guide ... Inara? Um... I'm getting out of this conversation, post haste. Not my call. NOPE. So until then ... Malcolm Monkey *I* think it is. 2 boys. 2 girls. The end. We shall see by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

***Please note: Yes, Grumpa Max loves his granddaughters too. Amber, Elle, and Sarah are loved, as I am and my sisters-in-law -- but I don't have group photos of them from the December 2013/January 2014 and February 2014 trips. OKAY!? Man. Such pressure. And people wonder why I stop blogging from time to time. This shouldn't take an hour for a loving honoring post.

~photos via iTouch and Nikon

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