Monday, July 29, 2013

Signs of Summer on the Horizon

I was going to apologize for the intermittent postings, but I'm not, after all. I've been dealing with other things, like working late, outside consultants, the heat wave, working my way through a personal to-do list ... and sometimes, stepping away from one thing so you have the energy to deal with other things is more important that sitting at a computer for MORE of your day.

We all have so much to do, it's easy to overlook the obvious. For example, New Yorkers are so stressed out that new and innovative means of getting our attention can come in the form of a DOT haiku, or a reminder from one neighbor to another to remember to hydrate.
The clouds on the horizon can be interpreted many ways. This makes it look like things are clearing up, doesn't it? WRONG. 10 minutes later, massive summer shower with lightning and boomers. 
Looking up from your train reading can reveal that while you did miss a lovely day, you still had time to appreciate the sunset.
Words from your friendly neighborhood graffiti artist scrawled on your subway platform are good in any setting.
 As is this inspirational piece at Christine's ...

For now, posting will be sparse. 
I'm off and around, out and about, and soon, to be shipping out.

I'll be back to
soon enough.

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